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Our Story

& Philosophy

We love to cook and share good times with friends and family.

Whether its a planned gathering in the back garden or an impromptu BBQ on the beach after a hard days windsurfing, we love outdoor cooking - all year round.

So when we discovered the kamado oven and its amazing versatility, we instantly wanted one.


We did our research and long story short we decided to start The OVO Kamado. There were easy ways to get our hands on a kamado oven but we rarely take the easy route. We were put off by the price and colour choice so we decided to take matters into our own hands.

Very few people have ever heard of a kamado, which is surprising as it turns out they have been around for a few thousand years (read more).

Now you'll find us looking for new inspiration to share with the OVO community.  We want to inspire more people to get outside and cook on an OVO.


Why don’t you become an OVO owner today?

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